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The advantages of LED lighting

The author:BESON Time:2017-02-06

The advantages of LED lighting

Light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when electrical current passes through it, it is a special kind of diode.

there are several obvious advantages LEDs have over traditional incandescent light bulbs, they are as follows:

· Low power consumption - energy saving,

· Long lasting,

· Cold lighting,

· Ruggedness,

· Small size and weight,

· Fast switch times,

· Simple to use.

LED  light source is the new lighting source after the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp. In energy conservation and environmental protection for lighting, LED light source is much better than other light sources. There are 10 big advantages as follows for LED light source:

         1.More environmentally friendly

          LED light source don't contain any mercury, therefore LED waste won't cause mercury pollution. Furthermore, almost all LED waste can be recycled, which can not only save the resources, but also protect the environment.

         2.Higher efficiency, more energy saving

         With the development of the LED lighting technology, the luminous efficiency of LED light source has increased to over 100 Lm/W from 10 Lm/W at the beginning. The more efficiency of potential shows the outstanding characteristics of energy saving for LED light source.

         3.Longer lifespan & more Safety and stability

         LED light source is driven with the low DC voltage, which makes the security of LED perform better and be perfectly suitable for lighting in the public places. Even if the LED lamp is turned off and on frequently, it will not affect the service life LED light source.

         4.Small size

         LED light source can be made into various shapes of device and easy to fix up and design all sorts of lamps and equipments for their miniature and light weight, which show the characteristics of strong adaptability and wide application for LED light source.

         5.Good performance of Quake-proof and shock resistance

        The basic structure of LED light source is a kind of semiconductor material. LED chip is sealed up with the epoxy resin but without glass shell and don't need to be like incandescent lamps or fluorescent tubes that must be evacuated then full of Special Gas. At the same time, Good performance of Quake-proof and shock resistance makes LED light source convenient to be manufactured, transported and installed.

         6.Short response time

         The respond time of Incandescent bulb is Millisecond timescale and the respond time of LED light source is nanosecond called instant respond. Therefore, LED can be widely used for traffic light and car light.

         7.High directivity

         Compared with traditional lamps, the light of LED source is directed and can irradiate on the work-plane directly with high utilization rate.

         8.Good performance of brightness adjustability

         According to the lighting theory of LED light source, the brightness and output flux is changing positively with change of current. Furthermore, the operating current can be adjusted within rated range. Hence, good performance of brightness adjustability make the LED light source designed with on-demand lighting and brightness controlled lighting.

9.Colorful light

         With the method of changing current, chemical modification, Monochromatic light mixed, LED light source can be made into colorful and white color with different color temperatures. LED light source have obvious advantage in indoor decorated lighting and landscape lighting.

         10. No flash and UV

          DC power supplying make the light steady without flash and Most of the light spectrum is visible light nearly without interference of IR and UV. So the adverse effect from the stroboscopic effect will be avoided and Eye comfort can be improved effectively.

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