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  • NAME:LED Panel light
  • 1, led Panels gives 105-135lm/W advanced light distribution with CRI 83.

    2, smooth and uniform light edge-to-edge for a clean, modern look.

    3, Led Panels can work with BESON emergency power pack.

    4,Surface Mounted and recessed can be used.

    5,UL/ DLC Premium apprival

    6,5 years'warranty

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BESON led panel light designed for the drop-in ceillings , high performance Edge-lit LED flat panels are the ideal energy efficient replacement for the fluorescent fixture in office , schools, hopitality , healthcare and other commercial and industrial applications ,Energy savings of 60%+, minium guarantee 50,000 hour life, instant-on technology.

2.Performance Summary:

1. UL LED Panel Light Specification download
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